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-Do I have what it takes?-

oo1. Name: Marla
oo2. Age: 14
oo3. Location: New Smyrna Beach, FL
oo4. Sexual Orientation: straight
oo5. Status (pictures if possible): single.
oo6. Sign: sagittarius

In Detail
oo7. 5 Movies: anchorman<3, the notebook, napolean dynommite, honey, & mean girls
oo8. 5 Singers/Bands: jessica simpson, fall out boy, green day, the killers, missy elliot
oo9. 3 Actors//Actresses: julia roberts, ashley judd, paul walker

o10. Make Us Laugh: my ex-best friend and me dressed up as huge cows on halloween, it was blow up suits and we got many honks. we went up to people's doorsteps and said "moooo"
o11. Where Are You//Want To Go On Vacation?: huntington beach, california
o12. Something You Think Is Beautiful: love<3
o13. Something You Are Scared Of: loosing someone who I am really close with.

Regarding The Community
o14. How Did You Hear About The Community? If Someone Promoted It To You, Who: _one_slowdance_
o15. Promote Us To Two Users or A Community (Not A Promo Community) And Show The Links:
o16. If You're Capable, Create A Banner For The Community, Proving To Us Your Artistic Ability (This Will Score You Extra Points): sorry but im not good with making banners or anything =x
o17. Post 5+ Pictures Of You (At Least 1 Body Shot). Tell Us Which Picture You Would Like Used For The Member Page, If Accepted: sorry if they are a little big..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com..green.black & white jacket
Image hosted by Photobucket.com same jacket
Image hosted by Photobucket.com ..sorry it is so up-close
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hated your app & pics.
this is LJ's cutest...ur not that cute.

ur application wasnt even all that either.

and now im gonna be a bitch and say..."good luck anyways"

Re: noooooooooooo.


12 years ago

Re: noooooooooooo.


12 years ago

same here ♥
I don't think you're cute
------- application
-------- pictures

just no.
good luck.
just no. ---app. and pictures.

your app was okay but your pics dont do you ANY justice whatsoever.
oh wow dude.
explanation or vote doesn't count
so.. i really didnt want to give you a no.. your family is cute, and in a couple of your pics you were cute.. but it looks like you dont have a digital camera.. and if you DO and you still posted those pics.. i think its time for a head check. these are the reasons
1. first pic, looks like youre trying to shrink in to yourself.. get some confidence.. and maybe think about tweezers.. but i understand, my little sis is fourteen and just started using them.
2. second pic.. when you take pics like that.. dont pull your head in to your neck to make the pic farther away.. have someone else take it, or extend your arm more.. you have cute qualitys.. just not any good pics.. and maybe we should work on your spelling..
3. 'loosing'.. that hurt me. losing*. do you spell, lose, loose? no.. sorry.. no.. sorry for the book. lol.
ok and it is okay,
the whole thing about tweezers is, i was indeed neading of a waxing and i was on vacation at all times i took those pictures and the 2nd one i was on my dads ship and we were sailing to another dock. its okay about the book i understand I am not the best speller and I know that. but it is okay im not offened(sp?) in any way.

Re: sorry, no


12 years ago

++Fall out boy
++++++++++++The Killers<3
----your app was the easiest one, I just think that people who use that one arent really trying very hard.
--your not that cute.

have a nice day
good luck =)
it seems you have a great personality! You seem to have a wonderful sense of humor, and you are beautiful, dont let anyone tell you otherwise <33
you're not cute

- app.. no effort
I think you could have put a little more effort into your application & I bet if you had better pictures it might have helped your chance of getting in

you didn't put much effort in, & I didn't really like it much.
you seem like you COULD be cute. i think its mean for everyone to say that you aren't cute.

you are not cute. at all.
plus when people say 'loosing' it annoys the hell outta me.
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