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Do I Have What it Takes?!

oo1. Name: Kendra
oo2. Age: 17, college freshman
oo3. Location: Paragould, Arkansas
oo4. Sexual Orientation: Straight, I like guys.
oo5. Status (pictures if possible): TAKEN! <3

oo6. Sign: Leo

Regarding The Community
oo7. How Did You Hear About The Community? If Someone Promoted It To You, Who: Through other rating sites
oo8. Promote Us To Two Users or A Community (Not A Promo Community) And Show The Links: I put it in my userinfo.. there's about 78+ people who will see that. Is that good enough? Oh yeah, and:</b>
oo9. If You're Capable, Create A Banner For The Community, Proving To Us Your Artistic Ability (This Will Score You Extra Points):
Image hosted by

Oh So Shallow You
o10. Recent Picture Of You:

o11. Picture Making A Silly Face:

o12. Bad Picture Of You:

o13. Picture Of You With Friends:
we call ourselves the 'Fab 4', hahaha. those girls didn't go to my school. i had longer hair in that picture.

me and my exboyfriend, Jeremy Bastard, at prom (04-29-05)

my girl friends from school.. except for the fat blonde bitch on that one side of me. she tried to imitate everything i did, i can't stand her. nobody liked her.

o14. Picture Of You Doing Something:
at a condo in Florida getting something to eat, hah

on my laptop, like always!

o15. Salute Picture (You W/ A Sign Saying Your Username On It):
this could also be a 'bad' pictures.. i just got finished swimming this afternoon & NO MAKEUP! :O

IF I GET ACCEPTED, I would like this picture for the member's page:

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